Simply Birch - Wool & Linen Throws and Scarves

Drawing on inspiration from our beautiful surroundings, Simply Birch emulate the essence of Ireland.With contemporary designs and traditional weaves, Simply Birch is innovative and unique with something for everyone.

Birch blends contemporary design with time-honoured artisan craft. At its core, the brand is driven by a desire to juxtapose intricate craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic, making each piece utterly covetable.

We collaborate with only the most creatively adroit master craftspeople across Ireland. The collection encompasses a diverse range of textiles, from the aesthetically unique to the texturally indulgent. Pieces are handpicked for their supreme quality, fabric, sumptuous colour palettes and offbeat detailing. Our production Mills are enriched with history and have been in operation for over 100 years, an integral part of their local communities.

About the Mill

Located in rural West Ireland, our mill hand selects exceptional quality wools for all Simply Birch Products.

Made by hand and with the use of traditional looms, a skill passed down through generations, the craftsmen and women produce 100% wool product, all made in Ireland.